Making stuff out of stuff

This year I joined the Tonbridge Creative and together we run the ArtSpring Gallery on the High Street. You can find us just past the castle where it starts to get really rather fancy.

The making bit is fun but like many artists I always struggle with putting on my business beret. At ArtSpring we are a lovely eclectic bunch of creatives, with jewellery, ceramics, glassware and pictures and we all contribute something completely unique. I manage the Social Media, mainly because I do it for the South East Open Studios. Personally, I am not a big fan of spending my life staring into a screen when there are so many exciting things to do. But I do love being connected to the creative world, opportunities, work processes and being the first to eyeball new pieces!

Being part of an art collective is marvellous. It can be lonely sitting in your well surrounded by tools, your aspirations and portions of cheese. So I like being part of something. Together we steward the gallery, do the publicity, find new artists and do all the really grown up mathsy stuff. I love it! Every time I man the gallery, I feel like an Empress, although my regal qualities diminish slightly when the izettle doesn't work.

This castle was made to mark the occasion.

I took the essential shape of the main part of the castle, where all the bloody battles were fought and employed my own unique brand of solder. I cut a long strip of 0.7 mm silver sheet, and took all my frustrations out on it with a pattern hammer and formed it using various tools into the basic castle shape. Then I fired up my torch and attached it to a piece at the bottom before filing off the edges. Ta da!

I do find the maths bit rather tricky being rather arty. Sometimes I make a paper model first and then fart around seeing if things fit and then I found some silver tubing to make the lid fit really snug.

Now it is ready for the troops and hopefully will find itself a new home on somebody's shelf.

Cheers! Vx

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