Who am I?

I stumbled into the Kingdom of Viksilver through a love of buying rings. Eventually I just had so many ideas for jewellery that I decided to learn how to make them myself.

I started out as a student of English Literature, read some stuff, wrote a bit but decided I fancied treading the boards. So I spent about 7 years as an actress. I have always doodled so you can find my next career choice at victoriawainwright.com where I still illustrate. This comes in handy for my third adventure as a silversmith as I can write lovely personalised stories for my Castle Christening Boxes.

I get most of my inspiration from just day to day stuff, daydreaming, looking at things and wondering a bit and rather annoyingly I am most inspired whilst driving along the motorway. I have to hope that the thought stays in my tiny brain long enough to be written down in one of my endless notebooks or scraps of paper. Sometimes I have to do some architectural planning especially when I am planning a new Oast House.
I love to experiment, melt silver randomly or just start out with a nice lump of the shiny stuff and see what happens. I plunder my scrap yard, which is full of all those inventions that didn't quite work.

I try to be original so that everyone has something unique to them so I absolutely love a commission. Your ideas fused with mine and MAGIC! Something just for you!

I am heavily involved in the South East Open Studios where you can find an interview with me here